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How it started


Our goal is to give you easy, fun, and enjoyable products in your two languages.

       A few years ago, I met my husband in my hometown Monterrey, Mexico. My husband was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. Years later we got married, moved to the United States, where our kids were born. At home, we speak Spanish, German, English, and at times, we mix all three.

We want our kids to learn Spanish. My husband wants to speak to them in his native German. And with friends sometimes the kids interact in English.

       So, we started to look for products to help us practice our languages. We noticed that there are not many good options in the combination of our languages. Most bilingual products were too difficult and not much fun for our daughter. We wanted something easy, fun, colorful, and simple. Something that our kids would enjoy while we practice our languages. Something that we all can enjoy with them. Or their Mexican grandparents. Or their German grandparents. In their languages!

       Therefore, we started hola hallo. I started to write stories that are colorful and easy to follow. Bedtime stories that help practice basic concepts. We started to read these books to them, so they can get familiar with the languages and our pronunciation. And later they can read them on their own and already be familiar with phrases and their meaning. We later started designing other bilingual products. We want to invite you and your family to also enjoy hola hallo products in your languages. ​



Our Mission

       We know there are many families who speak different languages. We want to share hola hallo bilingual products with you, hoping that they help your family to learn and practice your languages. We want our bilingual books and games to be a tool that children, parents, grandparents, and the entire family can use to help speak, practice and learn your languages in a simple and fun way. We want to help families to enjoy their different languages, to improve communication and not be a barrier to it. We hope you enjoy our products.


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